Welcome to Omid K. Mahabadi's personal website! On this website, I share my passion for photography, engineering research,  entrepreneurship, and more...  


Photography has always been my main hubby ever since I was a child, shooting with my parents camera! I’ve been shooting a DSLR ever since 2006. Nowadays I generally shoot during trips with my Canon 6D and Canon EF 24-70 mm L Lens. Follow my photo gallery.


I’ve always been passionate about rocks and used to collect them as a child! Now my main interest in rocks is to analyze their behaviour by coding simulation software, performing numerical simulations, and conducting laboratory testing. You can learn more about my rock mechanics research here.


I co-founded Geomechanica Inc a few years ago to pursue my love of rocks and entrepreneurship. Geomechanica offers state-of-the-art numerical simulation software (Irazu, named after a volcanic mountain in Costa Rica), consulting services, and laboratory services.